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Untitled Lucid Dreaming Short Novel

Work in Progress

I lay here, my brain dissolving, my nerves rotting. Choking on oxygen; unable to tell a dream from reality or reality from a dream. The invisible ocean roars over me as I cry, further supplying the wave of emptiness and despair. Willing to die, I tremble to know. I see myself in the distance. The me that bears no problem, no pain, no fault. Only making the mistake of loving myself and everything I have done. I am spitting fire from my mouth at a rate of unforgiving truth, it’s all I do. Swiftly dodging every person and thing to try and help, but yet holding on to them to the point of no return. If only I can change. It’s me, but I don’t know how to change. The plug is pulling further and further every day, every hour, every minute, every second. Bringing me to the part of my brain that distinguishes a face from a wall, to only diminish what’s left. My head cracking, my face falling, my heart pounding, my lungs leaving. My only power is that other 'me' in the distance, still hoping and fighting for my survival, something I don’t seem to understand. Hope.